We all love Chip & Jo…duh. They are my spirit animal, but we are on a budget…

SO here’s the deal. I barely have time to shower these days, let alone a blog. BUT, I’m going to try. No promises. I have baby 6 on the way and enough said.

My kids are killing each other on scooters inside of our house at this very moment. The baby is just waiting to get smashed by one of the toddlers & my husband is diligently flipping grilled cheeses for dinner because I’m blogging my first post, with total regret already. Lol. I’ve had to yell at the kids down the hallway twice  already and we are one paragraph in. Parents shouldn’t yell at their kids, it causes resentment and anger, they say. Well, it’s just real life over here, gets crazy.

I get on these DIY kicks. They fit in where they can get in. Almost nothing we renovate and create is pre-planned. I get energy, and we do it. We do everything on  a TIGHT budget. Again, big fam. I’m cheap as hell, but I don’t skimp on quality. People don’t believe the deals I get or how cheaply I repurpose, recover, remake, and renovate my things.

We don’t live in HGTV land.

We live just north of Nashville, TN… so we are in one of the hottest markets in the nation right now. We DO NOT have home buying options like Waco, TX does… although, wouldn’t that be nice. This fixer upper is only 30k so that means you have 210K left for renovations! Umm.. no. Where? Howwwww? What world is Waco in? Crazy. So over here in Tennessee, we have to take a loan out for big projects or just have a fat stack saved up, like the responsible, savvy  people do. We are left-brainers, not right, so we are creatively pinched by money. We are not the best with saving up, but we can save money like no other. Seriously.

What’s better than having your house look like Jo & Chip’s designs? I’ll tell you… it’s when you do it yourself! It’s rewarding, cheaper, and gratifying.

DIY’s can only be taken so far, depending on your time, resources, tools, patience, and confidence, (and perhaps, muscle in some cases.) Even finding a muscle to borrow isn’t impossible though.

That being said, some things are left better to the professionals, it may save you money in the long run… but we don’t ever choose that route. Ya live & learn!

Anyways, that is what we do.


My inspiration is Fixer Upper, I’m not a copycat or impersonator of the show, but I can help you achieve similar decor approach and design aspects, without having Hgtv picking you nor having to hire a contractor. It’s all about the natural light. I will show you how much we paid vs. a potential professional quote. I also do things with a frugal undertone. I can score some ridiculous deals, and nothing is illegal or sneaky. You just have to take your time and see beyond first impressions. BE patient. The stuff will start screaming at you within the isles of Goodwill. Goodwill is mostly junk, in my eyes, but I usually find at least one gem. Cosmetic problems, are NOT problems, and just because it looks ugly now, doesn’t mean it is trash! Learn what has a quality “foundation” under the ugly paint or original purpose.


I have a million billion project pictures and blogs to write and post in the near future, or just future…. so the posts will be quicker than this each time. I’ll try to be cut and dry! Email me for a potential response within 30 days 😉